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study of clergy stress

A Study of Clergy Stress, Part IV

This week, we finish our four-part series on a study of clergy stress conducted by Dr. John H. Morgan, Karl Mannheim Professor of the History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences.  This study addresses clergy perceptions of congregations’ expectations… Continue reading

A Study of Clergy Stress, Part III

Continuing with our four-part series on clergy stress, this week, Dr. John Morgan addresses the issue of stress inducers within all four traditions covered in this study: Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopal and Catholic.

Take a look at the first two… Continue reading

A Study of Clergy Stress, Part II

We continue this week with the second part of Dr. John Morgan’s four part study on clergy stress.  If you’ll remember from last week, this study covers four traditions: Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopal and Catholic, and looks at points… Continue reading

A Study of Clergy Stress, Part I

Over a period of several years I wrote a series of books on various aspects of Christian ministry called Studies in Ecclesiastical Sociology in connection with my teaching duties in the theology summer program of Oxford University.  One of… Continue reading