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Helpful resources for current students and prospective students

If you are a current student at the Graduate Theological Foundation or a prospective student, you can find a great deal of what you need to help you through your application process and degree program on our website. Below, we’ve… Continue reading

Canon Law and Tribunal Studies Online Courses

The Rev. Dr. John Mulvihill in Rome.

The Rev. Dr. John Mulvihill in Rome.

Tribunal Studies and Canon Law courses are offered as E-Tutorials for our online Master of Tribunal Studies in Canon Law and Doctor of Tribunal Studies in Canon Law academic degrees. This online program… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: Introducing the Expanded and Improved Online Research Library

October 2013 (Vol. LI, Issue #10)

Several years ago the GTF created an extensive online library for students, alumni, faculty and the general public for the purposes of conducting research.  We are now introducing a newly revised, expanded and… Continue reading