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The 2016 Vincent Strudwick Lecture: Professor Mona Siddiqui

The Politics of Piety: Voices and Values in Public Life


                   Professor Mona Siddiqui OBE Professor of Islamic and Inter-  … Continue reading

Footnotes: Calls for Papers from Around the Web

calls for papersWe also share calls for papers for conferences and journals every Tuesday and Thursday on our Twitter feed @GTFeducation.

“For Freedom Set Free”
16th Annual Fall Conference of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture
Deadline:… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: Faculty Notes

October 2013 (Vol. LI, Issue #10)

LinzeyThe Rev’d Dr. Andrew Linzey, Henry Bergh Professor of Animal Ethics, recently published an article, “Is Religion Bad for Animals?” at The Huffington Post.  Dr. Linzey is the Director of the… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: Call for Papers on “Religion and Animal Protection”

September 2013 (Vol. LI, Issue #9)


The Graduate Theological Foundation enjoys an affiliation with the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics (OCAE) based in Oxford, England, which is directed by The Rev’d Dr. Andrew Linzey, Henry Bergh Professor of… Continue reading

Call for Papers: “Religion and Animal Protection” (Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics)



The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics (OCAE) is launching its annual summer school in 2014 to take place in Oxford, England.  The OCAE seeks papers from academics worldwide to be published as part of a book… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: New E-Tutorials in Theology

July 2013 (Vol. LI, Issue #7)

Many GTF students like to take advantage of some of our more convenient ways of taking courses, such as E-Tutorials.  Modeled after the long-standing Oxford style of tutorials, the E-Tutorial provides one-on-one interaction… Continue reading