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Nota Bene: Sacred Music at the GTF


The Mission of the Sacred Music program is to offer graduate level educational opportunities to practicing credentialed ministry professionals. The degrees recognize the students’ level of experience and expertise already achieved and prepare them for employment and/or the pursuit… Continue reading

Nota Bene

Dr. Alan WellmanDr. Alan Wellman, D.S.M. 2015, was chosen as the first Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Sacred Music at the Graduate Theological Foundation.  Following is a description of Dr. Wellman’s E-tutorial course developed as part of his post-doctoral experience. 

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Sacred Music “Nota Bene”

Music Director, Plate Spinner, and Colleague

I recall one Christmas Eve when the organist/choirmaster/bell choir director/pianist had just run up the stairs for the second time to direct the fifth part of the evening’s prelude music. The smiling pastor turned… Continue reading

Sacred Music: master’s and doctorate

chopin, music, notenblatt, composition, composer, 1842 (cc-public domain)

chopin, music, notenblatt, composition, composer, 1842 (cc-public domain)

Sacred Music is a long-standing and robust program at the Graduate Theological Foundation that offers a Master of Sacred Music and Doctor of Sacred Music. Graduating dozens of students since its… Continue reading

E-Tutorials in Music and Liturgy for Pastoral Musicians and Ministry Professionals

For many years, we have offered a Master of Sacred Music (M.S.M.) and a Doctor of Sacred Music (D.S.M.), both professional degrees designed for the pastoral musician and ministry professional.  We have a strong Sacred Music faculty who serve… Continue reading