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Naked God, StrudwickThe most recent publication by The Revd Canon Vincent Strudwick, GTF Fellow and Bishop John Tinsley Professor of Anglican Theology, has been reviewed by Rev. Dr. Paul Kirbas, Paul Tillich Professor of Theology and Culture at the GTF.… Continue reading

21st World Congress on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy

Viktor Frankl InstituteThe Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Abilene, Texas, will be hosting the 21st World Congress on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy, June 14-18, 2017, in Dallas, Texas.  The theme of the 21st Congress is, The Power of Purpose:  Finding… Continue reading

Pastoral Logotherapy Practicum

Practicum in Pastoral Logotherapy, July 10-14, 2017

This Practicum is open to students enrolled in any of the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy degree programs, and to students enrolled in the GTF’s Doctor of Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy in… Continue reading

The Meaning of Attending the 3rd International Viktor Frankl Congress

By Robert H. Frantz, MS, BSEE

I was recently fortunate to have the opportunity and resources to travel to Vienna, Austria, to attend the bi-annual Frankl Congress.   My interest in Frankl’s theories and methods for helping solve seemingly… Continue reading

3rd Viktor Frankl Logotherapy Congress in Vienna


Written by Dr. Ann V. Graber, Fellow, Professor of Pastoral Logotherapy and Director of the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy

An International Congress on Logotherapy and Existential Analysis was hosted by the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna and its cooperation… Continue reading

Faculty News



Logotherapy World Congress WorkshopWe would like to congratulate Dr. Ann-Marie Neale on the renewal of her accreditation by the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna.  Dr. Neale is Karen Horney Professor of Counseling and… Continue reading