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Study in Oxford: Libr Catalog Systems

Following is a post from GTF alumnus, Dr. James Keating, (Ed.D., 2002).  Dr. Keating has been to Oxford to study many times and in the following piece shares one particular point of interest based on his many experiences there.… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: June 2013 — Do Your Research Online through our Library!

June 2013 (Vol. LI, Issue #6)

Screen shot of a selection of resources under "Education"

Screen shot of a selection of resources under “Education”

In 2010, we had a goal of setting up a comprehensive online research library that provided as many free, high-quality resources as possible in the… Continue reading

Take advantage of GTF resources for students and alumni

Are you taking advantage of GTF resources and services?

Many students find that they are able to benefit from resources  and services we provide, especially online, whether it’s research resources for doctoral work, staying up to date on what’s… Continue reading