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Foundation Theology 2015 Available Online

Foundation Theology is a collection of articles written by our students, faculty and alumni that is published annually for international distribution to research and educational institutions involved and interested in scholarship relevant to ministry professionals, including the cognates of ministry,… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: Faculty News

Faculty news about publications, lectures, awards, and celebrations:

The Rev. Dr. John E. Mulvihill in Rome, Italy.

The Rev. Dr. John E. Mulvihill in Rome, Italy.

Dr. David Couturier, OFM. Cap., Dean R. Hoge Professor of Pastoral Planning and Church Management, was featured in the October 2014 edition… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: GTF Faculty News

News from GTF faculty:

GTF Faculty News AyoubDr. Abed Ayoub, Visiting Professor of Islamic Studies, is now serving as President and CEO of United Muslim Relief.   He served for several years as CEO of Islamic Relief Fund, and is currently… Continue reading