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Dr. Ann-Marie Neale

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Dr. Juana Watson

Dr. Mary Kendal-Hope, Professor of Mediation

Dr. Mary Kendal-Hope












Dr. Mary Kendall Hope, Professor of Mediation Studies, has added four new e-tutorials to her course offerings.

Foundation Footnotes: Recently Activated Students


GTF-logo-print-smallThe Rev. Will Eads of King, North Carolina, has entered the Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Psychology program.  He is ordained in the Baptist Church and holds a Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University Divinity School. … Continue reading

Knowledge, Intellect, and Wisdom: Defining Education in a Google World

Knowledge (information), Intelligence (application), and Wisdom (judgment) constitute the sequence sought in education and, as Piaget has taught us, the learning process is directly connected to this tripartite configuration of information gathering, sorting, and utility.  An elderly colleague of… Continue reading

Rev. David J. Hankus


Rev. David J. Hankus is an ordained Catholic priest. He explains the value of continuing education through Graduate Theological Foundation as a working ministry professional and lifelong learner.