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Foundation Footnotes: New 10-week E-Tutorials

Over the past eight years, E-Tutorials have proven to be a convenient and beneficial choice for students who would like to complete their coursework online directly through the GTF.  Carried out via email between student and faculty member, E-Tutorials… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: Study Pastoral Logotherapy Online

Dr. Ann V. Graber

Dr. Ann V. Graber

Students interested in taking online courses as a convenient and intensive way to earn credits toward their degree may like to know about the variety of E-Tutorials we offer.  New E-Tutorials in the fields of… Continue reading

New course: Traditional Representative Characters of Christian Spirituality

Faculty-photo-COLONThe Rev. Dr. Jorge R. Colón, C.Ss.R., is offering a new E-Tutorial focused on the main writings and characters of Christian Spirituality.  Dr. Colón is Rev. François-Xavier Durrwell, C.Ss.R., Professor of Religious Studies at the Graduate Theological Foundation… Continue reading

Tutorials in Grief and Bereavement, and Logotherapy with Dr. Ann V. Graber

Faculty-photo-GRABER-screenshotDr. Ann V. Graber, Professor of Pastoral Logotherapy here at the GTF, offers a number of tutorials that are available as either E-Tutorials (online) or telephone tutorials.  Professionals interested in, or already working in the fields of, grief… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: New E-Tutorial in Spirituality

PearceWe are pleased to introduce a new E-Tutorial taught by Dr. Michelle Pearce, Mindfulness as a Healing Contemplative Practice.”  Dr. Pearce is Professor of Psychology and Health Care at the GTF and holds the D.Min. from the… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: New E-Tutorial on Al-Anon Family Groups

December 2013 (Vol. LI, Issue #12)

Photo-Ann-Marie-NealeDr. Ann-Marie Neale, Karen Horney Professor of Counseling and Psychology, is offering a new E-Tutorial.  Students may now register for her online course entitled, “Al-Anon Family Groups: A 12–Step Program for… Continue reading