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Foundation Footnotes: Academic Editing

Students of the Graduate Theological Foundation who are working on a project or a thesis should remember that their work should be free of errors in terms of punctuation, grammar, citations, etcetera. Students often proofread and copyedit their own work… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: Recent Doctoral Defenses


Dr. Robert Douglas Anderson (middle) with GTF President, Dr. Kendra Clayton (far left), and members of the doctoral defense panel: Dr. David Couturier, OFM. Cap. (second from left), Dr. Ann-Marie Neale (second from right), and Dr. John H. Morgan (far… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: Recent Defenses

March 2013 (Vol. LI, Issue #3)

Wilfredo J. Baez, Doctor of Philosophy
“Modeling on Jesus of Nazareth as a Preacher: Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Strategies from Neuro-Linguistic Psychology for Becoming a More Effective Preacher”

Rudolph Monsio Bropleh, Doctor of Philosophy in… Continue reading