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Rev. Dr. C. Anthony Hunt, Baltimore Memorial for the Homeless

Dr. C. Anthony Hunt

Dr. C. Anthony Hunt

On Monday evening, December 21st, Rev. Dr. Tony Hunt, GTF  Fellow and E. Franklin Frazier Professor of African American Studies, delivered the message for the Baltimore city-wide Memorial Service for National Homeless People’s Memorial Day.  During this memorial the homeless who died during 2015, on the streets and in shelters, were remembered and prayed for.  The Baltimore Brew wrote a piece on the event that can be read here.

Following is an excerpt from Dr. Hunt’s message delivered during the memorial ceremony.

“On this first night of winter, one of the longest, coldest nights of the year, we gather in solidarity with and for those in our city, state, nation and world who are forced to endure the night. We gather to remember those who in this year and in years past have died while enduring the night.

The night.  The night by its nature is supposed to be a point and place of rest and respite from the work of the day. The night is meant to be a place of peace and quiet and tranquility from day-time’s hustle and bustle. But for far too many of our sisters and brothers, the night is a place of prolonged agony and despair. The night is a place of dark want and desperate need, of painful isolation and luminous want.  For many, far too many, persons in our city and our state, the night is their home, the place where they are forced to lay their head, and wonder with seemingly perpetual dismay–how long the night will be, and if it will ever end for them.”

Dr. Hunt’s powerful address is available in its entirety at this link.


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