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Private Practice: Considering a Counseling Career

Dr. John H. Morgan

Dr. John H. Morgan

Dr. John H. Morgan, Karl Mannheim Professor of the History & Philosophy of the Social Sciences, has just published his latest book and has developed a tutorial course based on it. For over 30 years, Dr. Morgan has worked in the field of continuing education for veteran clergy and this book (and its companion tutorial) are reflective of those years of experience.  Both the book and the tutorial are available from the GTF.

Private Practice: A Guide for Clergy Considering a Counseling Career (Mishawaka, IN: GTF Books, 2016) by John H. Morgan is an in-depth study of the counseling profession as a career option for the veteran clergy as well as a thorough exploration into the nature of the counseling profession itself.  Written with ministry professionals in mind, the pre-released assessments of the book suggest its relevance to a broad range of professionals working in the field who might be interested in a systematic delineation of the components of a successful counseling practice.  With studies showing that upwards of 60% of the over 50 year old clergy are leaving parish ministry, the counseling profession is becoming increasingly a first-option choice for pastors who have some training in pastoral care and psychological counseling.  This book addresses that phenomenon and systematically delineates the fundamental steps needed to be taken in the establishment of a successful counseling practice by a clergy person.

The new E-Tutorial, Private Practice: Considering a Counseling Career, is designed for clergy and ministry professionals, both ordained and laity, who are considering launching a counseling career with special attention to clergy who are involved in parish ministry.  The course will explore the why, how, and when of making the transition from parish ministry to private practice and will discuss in detail the relevant components of this re-definition of ministry from the parish to therapeutic counseling as a profession.  The text for the tutorial is Dr. Morgan’s new book,  Private Practice: A Guide for Clergy Considering a Counseling Career (Mishawaka, IN: GTF Books, 2016).  The dual emphasis of the course will be upon both the concept and the application of professional standards in the exercise of private practice.



One Response to Private Practice: Considering a Counseling Career

  • Congratulations my Mentor, Dr. John Morgan for the major contributions you have made in the field of education/world of scholarship in general, especially with your new publication, “Private Practice: A Guide for Clergy Considering a Counseling Career”. People need to read your books, and discover for themselves, how simplistic knowledge grows from the known to the unknown, all, thanks to Dr. John’s ingenuity.

    I will not wait to purchase a copy of this dimensional book, right away. I hope and pray the office of the Registrar will send me a copy of it and I must offset the cost of book and shipping.