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Nota Bene: Sacred Music at the GTF


The Mission of the Sacred Music program is to offer graduate level educational opportunities to practicing credentialed ministry professionals. The degrees recognize the students’ level of experience and expertise already achieved and prepare them for employment and/or the pursuit of advanced study in music and ministry-related fields. The core curriculum, which can be tailored to fit the specific needs of individual students, focuses on the refinement of established applied music skills, and the pursuit of advanced historical and liturgical studies. These educational goals are accomplished through adept instruction, creative choices, and the flexibility of the Graduate Theological Foundation model.  

The GTF’s Core Curriculum for the Sacred Music programs is a place to begin course selection and can be tailored to meet the needs of the student. We believe this curriculum represents a well-rounded foundation to the graduate level study of Sacred Music. Students may choose from any of our online courses, tailoring their course selection according to their interests and professional needs coupled with the recommendations of their Student Advisor. Course choice will be informed by multiple variables; performance on post-acceptance assessments, the student’s performance portfolio, the student’s area of interest and past experience along with input from the Graduate Music Advisor. The Core Curriculum for the Sacred Music program is as follows.

Each Sacred Music degree candidate will be assigned a Graduate Music Advisor who is also a member of the Sacred Music faculty.  The candidate’s individual course of study will be developed through dialogue between the student and the advisor. While attention will be given to creating a well-rounded curriculum, the advisor will be particularly sensitive and responsive to the goals of each student and the curriculum will be personalized to reflect those goals.
To view the Advising and Course Planning Guide for Sacred Music Degrees, please click here.


2 Responses to Nota Bene: Sacred Music at the GTF

  • Rev. Peter E. Roussakis, PhD, GTF Charles Wesley Professor of Sacred Music, Emeritus (Retired) says:

    Excellent. This is a very fine guide for Sacred Music study at GTF. Obviously appropriate, this scope and sequence is supportive of the credibility and the model upon which the Sacred Music degree programs were founded. The current faculty members represent the breadth of expertise appropriate for guiding the diverse backgrounds of professional church musicians who may enroll.