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New Students

Applicants who signed the privacy statement on their application form and were subsequently accepted to the GTF are excluded from lists of newly accepted students released each month.

Mr. Wilmer Altamirano Cubas has entered the Master of Theology degree program.  He received a Baccalaureate in Education from the Civil & Pontifical Faculty of Theology of Lima as well as a Licentiate in Education.  Mr. Cubas also received a Baccalaureate in Theology from the Pontifical Urban University and studied toward a Master of Education at the Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University.

Deacon Jose Lizama is a student in the Master of Theology degree program after having completed his Bachelor of Theology degree program through the Graduate Theological Foundation.  Deacon Lizama is chairman of the Hispanic Roman Catholic Deacons of the USA.

Chaplain Abdus-Salaam Musa has recently entered the Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling degree program.  He has a Bachelor of Professional Services from Metropolitan College in New York and a Masters in Pastoral Counseling from the Graduate Theological Foundation.  Chaplain Musa received certification in Islamic Chaplaincy from Hartford Seminary in Hartford Connecticut.

One Response to New Students

  • TA Bashir says:

    I received my acceptance letter at the end of Nov, too la te to join the rest of my colleagues. I wish everyone success and Im ooking forward to an exciting learming expetience.