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New Students

Applicants who signed the privacy statement on their application form and were subsequently accepted to the GTF are excluded from lists of newly accepted students released each month.

Chaplain Imam Ibrahim Murtala has entered the Ph.D. in Islamic Studies degree program.  Imam Murtala received a Master of Science in Education, TESOL, from Lehman College.  He also received a Masters in Islamic Theology from the Graduate Theological Foundation.  He currently teaches Arabic in addition to being a Chaplain and Imam.

Ms. Fu Lin Yuk is enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Direction program.  She earned a Diploma in Social Work from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University as well as a Diploma in Christian Studies from China Graduate School of Theology.  Ms. Yuk also earned  a Master of Divinity from China Graduate School of Theology.  She has most recently earned a Postgraduate Diploma of Spiritual Direction in the Christian Contemplative Tradition from the Christian Contemplative Spirituality Institute.   She currently works as a freelance Spiritual Director.