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New Students

Applicants who signed the privacy statement on their application form and were subsequently accepted to the GTF are excluded from lists of newly accepted students released each month.

The Rev. Canon Dr. Jeffrey Douglas Gibson has entered the Ph.D. in Theological Studies program.  Rev. Gibson graduated with his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology from the University of the West Indies.  His Master of Theology degree was earned at Columbia Theological Seminary.  Rev. Gibson graduated from the Graduate Theological Foundation with a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2015.  He currently serves in the role of Rector and has recently been named to the post of Dean of the Cathedral Church of St. Michael.

Rev. Charles Enyinnia has enrolled in our Doctor of Ministry degree program.  Rev. Enyinnia received his Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Seat of Wisdom Seminary in Nigeria and a second Bachelor’s degree in theology from the same institution.  His Master of Education was earned at Queens University in Canada.  He currently serves as a parish priest in Ontario, Canada.