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New Master of Theology in Buddhist Studies

Dr. J. Anthony Stultz

Dr. J. Anthony Stultz

Buddhist Studies: M.Th., Ministry Licensure, Chaplaincy Certification

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new specialization in our Master of Theology program at the Graduate Theological Foundation. The M.Th. in Buddhist Studies is designed for students seeking further theological education in this field as well as those interested in ordained ministry or a professional position as a chaplain.

Coursework is completed through E-Tutorials, a specialized educational model that provides intensive one-on-one communication between student and faculty member over the course of six weeks with a final four weeks set aside for the student to research and write a final paper.

Required courses for the Master of Theology in Buddhist Studies include:

  • Understanding Mythology and the Evolutionary History of Religion
  • History and Legends of Buddhism
  • Buddhist Scriptures and Sacred Writings
  • Western Buddhism
  • Buddhist Theology
  • Buddhist Psychology

The Buddhist Ministry Licensure process is overseen by Dr. John Anthony Stultz, Professor of Buddhist Studies at the GTF and founder of the Blue Lotus School of Mindfulness.

Complete details on this degree are available on the GTF website.

4 Responses to New Master of Theology in Buddhist Studies

  • Dr. Ann V. Graber says:

    Congratulations on expanding ecumenism at GTF by including Buddhism, leading to a Master of Theology in Buddhist Studies. My sincere best wishes to Dr. J. Anthony Stultz and his students.

  • Dear Dr. Graber: thank you so much for the kind wishes; I am very excited and consider it an honor to work with GTF in presenting this program. I look forward to a wonderful relationship that will hopefully contribute much to what is already an amazing academic institution. Your own program has been a great inspiration to me.


    Dr. J. Anthony Stultz

  • Dr. Ann V. Graber says:

    Dear Dr. Stultz: Like you, I consider it an honor to work with GTF, “an amazing academic institution.” Given the turbulence of our times, nothing is needed more than practicing mindfulness — being present and consciously aware of the here and now — to avoid impulsive reactions to situations that leave devastating results. May meaning-centered Logotherapy also act as an existential bridge in that direction. I look forward to a good working relationship with a colleague at GTF who teaches and practices “mindfulness” and its beneficent implications.

    Best Regards,
    Dr. Ann Graber, Director of the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy

  • Dear Dr. Graber:

    I am privileged to have someone like yourself as a colleague and I look forward to learning from you and the wonderful work that you do at your institute. Viktor Frankl was a pioneer in helping us awaken into a larger and more universal existential awareness. I look forward to our new relationship.

    With respect,

    Dr. J. Anthony Stultz, Director of the Blue Lotus School of Mindfulness