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Meet our faculty: The Rev. Fr. Anthony O. Nwachukwu

Professor of Counseling Psychology and West African Studies

The Rev. Fr. Anthony Nwachukwu has served for many years with the GTF focusing on counseling psychology and West African studies.  He also works with many Nigerian students who are pursuing their master’s or doctorate at the GTF; his students frequently focus on Igbo culture and religion, pastoral care, and issues surrounding the Church in Nigeria.  Since 2013, he has served as Consulting Faculty for the GTF’s Bureau of West African Scholars.  Fr. Nwachukwu’s degrees include a B.A. from Bigard Memorial Seminary in Nigeria (affiliated institution of the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome), a M.Div. from the Catholic Institute of West Africa, the Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the Federal University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and the Psy.D. from the GTF which awarded him the Dorothy Day Prize in Pastoral Care and Counseling in 2008 for his outstanding scholarship as a student.  He is also certified in New York as a Mediator in Conflict and Resolution.  To read his complete biography, please visit his faculty profile.

Fr. Nwachukwu is active at the GTF as a Thesis Supervisor, Project Consultant, and E-Tutorial faculty.  He currently offers the following E-Tutorials for students who would like to study online: