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Society of Biblical Literature Features Stendahl Medal Winner

Graduation2013-Lombaard-speech1The GTF welcomed Professor Christo Lombaard earlier this month to receive the 2013 Krister Stendahl Medal in Biblical Studies.  The Society of Biblical Literature, which published his most recent book, has now featured this story on its website (see screen capture below).  His book, The Old Testament and Christian Spirituality: Theoretical and Practical Essays from a South African Perspective, was published as part of the SBL’s “International Voices in Biblical Literature.”  We are happy to see Dr. Lombaard’s scholarship and this recent award receive such a prominent placement so that others may learn of his accomplishments!  (Click here to open a PDF of Dr. Lombaard’s book.)



Dr. Lombaard is Professor of Christian Spirituality at the University of South Africa in Pretoria, a position which allows him to focus mostly on research. His areas of expertise include Biblical spirituality, Pentateuch theory, exegetical methodology and hermeneutics, and sexuality and spirituality.  He is currently co-directing an international research project on Song of Songs and co-hosts regular radio shows on spirituality in his first language of Afrikaans.


Upon accepting the award, Dr. Lombaard gave an inspiring speech on gratitude at the 2013 graduation ceremony held on May 3.  He joined members of the GTF administration and other honorees  on stage in celebrating the accomplishments of our graduating students.  A three-time cancer survivor, Dr. Lombaard’s life’s motto is taken from the inhabitants of the city of Rome: Una vita non basta (“One life is not enough”).

As recipient of the Krister Stendahl Medal, Dr. Lombaard is now an Honorary Fellow of the Graduate Theological Foundation.

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