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Psy.D. Student Pauline Anaya on Spiritual Development

Spiritual development was a motivation for current Doctor of Psychology student, Ms. Pauline Anaya, to come to the Graduate Theological Foundation where she wants to deepen her knowledge and skills.  She recently attended the June 2014 Residential Institute at the GTF which had a focus on contemporary ministry.  Ms. Anaya works in the field of counseling psychology.  You can watch several more videos of Ms. Anaya on our YouTube channel (transcripts are included).

Do you have a similar reason to hers for choosing the GTF?  There are just about as many reasons as there are students!  Let us know about your story and motivations by leaving a comment below.


In the whole evolution of one’s profession, and my profession, and seeking one’s education through the, I guess the public higher education facilities, that there had been lacking more a focus on even the spiritual development for human growth and development, and so I was seeking a way that I could fill that gap for myself and wanted to, to try to develop more skill, more understanding about that part of human development, and I, and when I came across information about the GTF, I thought this is exactly what I’m looking for, and this is the little piece that I thought was missing.  So, as I explored it and saw what you all offered, I thought this is really it because I feel that those that come here come with that same background or desire to help the spiritual growth and development of individuals. So, and that’s what I found.