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Graduate Theological Foundation Professor to Make Presentation on GTF and Pastoral Logotherapy

This month, Dr. Jeremiah Murasso, Visiting Professor of Logotherapy at the Graduate Theological Foundation, will make a special presentation on the GTF and the topic of pastoral logotherapy at the World Congress on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy.  The congress will be held from June 19-23 in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Murasso has previously served as the GTF’s Goodwill Ambassador in his travels to Austria where he connected with the Viktor Frankl Institut in Vienna.  He serves as a member of the logotherapy faculty for the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy at the GTF, a special program directed by Dr. Ann V. Graber, Professor of Pastoral Logotherapy.

Below you will find the abstract for the presentation Dr. Murasso will make during this year’s World Congress.  Read more about Dr. Murasso by visiting his GTF faculty profile.



Seeking Wholeness through Healing Man’s Spiritual Malaise


In our postmodern world, man continues to struggle with and is often confused by the meaning and purpose to his life and his place in the trajectory of human existence. This is especially true when man is confronted with unexpected suffering or the suffering brought on by forces or situations outside of himself. These are referred to as life’s curve-balls that can be seen in the form of unmitigated mental anguish, inescapable physical suffering, or impending death, due to man’s own irreversible illness or that of a loved one. Practitioners of Pastoral Logotherapy assist man as he struggles to find meaning and purpose with life and death issues, as well as life and death choices, all of which seek validation in relation to man’s Ultimate concerns, i.e., the need to and the unconscious hunger for identification with the Unconscious God. Pastoral Logotherapy, with its focus on man in his totality, seeks to assist man in his quest to comprehend and assimilate life’s unexpected and often times unexplainable human tragedies. Unlike other psychotherapies throughout the history of modern psychology, Logotherapy gives new meaning to the spiritual in man by its focus on man’s spiritual core. Pastoral Logotherapy strives to assist man as he is confronted with his own mortality, end-of-life issues, and his capacity to withstand, and consequently transform suffering through self transcendence. Pastoral Logotherapy assists man in his discovery of his spiritual essence; the noetic realm, where man’s untapped potential for re-discovering meaning, and self transcendence are located, as man finds himself confronted with personal hardships. When speaking of the spiritual core in man, Frankl says the following: “The spiritual core, and only the spiritual core, warrants and constitutes oneness and wholeness in man. And wholeness means, the integration of the somatic, psychic and spiritual aspects of man” (Man’s Search of Ultimate Meaning, p. 34). Pastoral Logotherapy seeks wholeness and completeness in man; it seeks to heal the spiritual malaise, the spiritual dis-ease in man; having as its focus the integration of the spiritual with the psychic and somatic, and always cognizant of the fact that, Man is a citizen of several realms.  (The Doctor and the Soul, p. xxi).


Reverend Jeremiah N. Murasso, Ph.D., Ed.D., Psy.D.
Pastoral & School Psychologist
Diplomate in Logotherapy