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OXFORD WEEK: Successful doctoral defense by Ms. Ozge Alkanat at Christ Church, Oxford


Graduate Theological Foundation president, Dr. Kendra Clayton (left) with Dr. Ozge Alkanat (right) following Dr. Alkanat’s successful doctoral defense at Christ Church, Oxford

We have been hosting doctoral defenses this week in Oxford during the Oxford Theology Summer School.  Another successful defense was celebrated yesterday, this time by Ms. Ozge Alkanat who is in the Ph.D. program.  Please join us in congratulating her on this accomplishment and her new title as Dr. Ozge Alkanat!  She defended her thesis entitled, “Observed Level of Differentiation of Self, Boundary Flexibility and Triangulation Formations in Turkish Families Receiving Systemic Family Therapy,” before a panel chaired by The Rev’d Canon Dr. Robin Gibbons of the GTF and Oxford, Dr. John H. Morgan of the GTF, and Dr. Elena Ene D-Vasilescu of Oxford.  (If you are interested in defending your thesis at Christ Church, Oxford, next summer, please consult the Doctoral Defense Scheduling page for details.)


L to R: Dr. John H. Morgan, Dr. Elena Ene D-Vasilescu, Dr. Kendra Clayton, Dr. Ozge Alkanat, and The Rev’d Canon Dr. Robin Gibbons at Christ Church, Oxford

Dr. Gibbons is a member of the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Theology and also serves in the Oxford Theology Summer School as Pastoral Director and Tutor, and at the Graduate Theological Foundation serves as our Dean of Studies of the Foundation House/Oxford program, Fellow, and Alexander Schmemann Professor of Eastern Christianity.  Dr. Morgan holds the Karl Mannheim professorship in the History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences at the GTF.  Dr. D-Vasilescu is a member of the University of Oxford’s Faculty of History as well as a Research Fellow and Tutor in Theology at Oxford.