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GTF Professor to Deliver 2013 Graduation Address

Abdul-Malik1We welcome longtime Graduate Theological Foundation professor, Shaykh Ibrahim Abdul-Malik, as this year’s graduation speaker for the 2013 Graduation ceremony on May 3.  Dr. Abdul-Malik serves as the El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Professor of American Muslim History and Culture here at the GTF.  He will also be inducted as a Fellow of the Foundation (the highest recognition given to a member of the faculty) in recognition of his years of outstanding leadership in inter-religious dialogue with Christians and Jews and his contribution to the Islamic studies program at the GTF.  For several months following the tragedy of 9/11, Dr. Abdul-Malik served as a Disaster Chaplain with the American Red Cross and a Trauma Counselor for several city organizations.  He is a highly sought-after inspirational and inter-faith speaker in the New York metropolitan area.

A New York City native, Dr. Abdul-Malik has held teaching posts at The City College and Baruch College of New York, and currently teaches at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.  He holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts from City University of New York, the Doctor of Education from Harvard University, and the Doctor of Philosophy from the GTF.