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Foundation Footnotes: New Online Courses in Clergy Options and Ministry

Faculty-photo-MORGANDr. John H. Morgan, Karl Mannheim Professor of the History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences, has introduced two new E-Tutorials for GTF students.  Students can now register for “Clergy Options to Parish Ministry” and “Ministry as Profession in a Changing World.”  Each course is an E-Tutorial, a 10-week course taken via email with one-on-one interaction between student and faculty member.  Six weeks are spent completing required readings and weekly writings with four weeks set aside for the research and completion of a final paper.

“Clergy Options to Parish Ministry” addresses the experience of clergy stress and the reasons why clergy leave parish ministry as well as the other fields of ministry in which these clergy are called to serve such as chaplaincy, counseling, teaching, mediation or other fields. (Read a full description.)

“Ministry as Profession in a Changing World” explores the range of definitions and their practices within the broader framework of the Church in the world with a focus on the profession of ministry “after the call.” (Read a full description.)

The main text for each of these new E-Tutorials is Dr. Morgan’s latest book, After the Call: A Structural and Functional Analysis of the Ministry Profession (GTF Books, 2014).  From the book’s description: “In every Christian tradition there is an understanding that an individual who is to be recognized and trained as a leader of the faith community must have had some form of a calling to that vocation.  Some traditions make that calling more elaborate and defined than others…but in all faith communities the ministry must comply with standards and characteristics of professionalism – definition of ministry itself, professional status, control mechanism, class and stratification among one’s peers, and the exercise of power and influence within the community.”  After the Call is available from the GTF for $32.99 (book) or $15.00 (PDF).

2 Responses to Foundation Footnotes: New Online Courses in Clergy Options and Ministry

  • Dr. Morgan, it’s been a long time since talking with you. Your new online courses sound very interesting, one of these days as the saying goes, maybe I’ll try one! I have been for the past few months trying to play catch up on some NT Greek which is not as easy as I thought. However, in the process I have been reading quite a lot of
    Father Raymond E. Brown, SS and have been amazed at his depth of knowledge. I think I have bought most all of his published material from Paulist Press and also his cd’s. Do you require any of his materials for your courses? Also, since he was an imminent Catholic scholar is there any central place where all of his work would be kept? I am aware this sounds juvenile but I’m running out of sources! And being now Presbyterian (a Baptist who drinks occasionally) I’m asking GTF’s imminent scholar for some word’s of wisdom! Thanks, John A

  • John Morgan says:

    I don’t require any of Brown’s materials for the courses I teach. Union Theological Seminary in New York is where he taught for 29 years and was the first Roman Catholic priest to receive tenure there. They will have all needed information regarding materials and access.

    Good luck!