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Foundation Footnotes: Mediation Tutorial

Fr. Bernie O'Connor“Mediation in a Theological and Spirituality Perspective” will be the theme of a tutorial offered by The Rev. Dr. Bernard O’Connor, John Henry Cardinal Newman Professor of Theology and Ecclesial Mediation. This tutorial can be offered as a one-on-one tutorial or in a small group setting. Interested persons are requested to contact the Graduate Theological Foundation for more information.


Mediation is now firmly grounded in our social mindset, a means to resolve conflict without recourse to the formalities of the judicial system.  Many people have at least basic training in mediation process, what is usually referred to as “The Forty Hours” approach.

The intent of this course is to acquaint, both those with the Forty Hours background, as well as those who may never have formally studied mediation theory and practice, with the theological implications of mediation.  For each of our sessions, the goal will be to identify theological tenets which are consistent with each step in recognized mediation procedure.  A second goal will then be to reflect upon how that theological application impacts personal spirituality.  We will start at a “ground zero,” not presuming that students are engaged in mediation service.  If someone simply wishes to examine mediation from the point of view of compatibility with ecumenical religious belief, they are certain to feel comfortable with this course’s format.

A later course (Mediation Part II) will be offered which will deal with mediation as a viable mechanism to assist congregations which are afflicted, divided and in distress.

Contact the GTF for more information and to express your interest in this tutorial.