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Foundation Footnotes: Canon Law Courses

Canon Law and Tribunal Studies Courses Offered by the GTF:

A number of courses are offered in these areas as E-Tutorials which are conducted via email between student and faculty member over six weeks with four weeks provided for the writing of a final paper.  These courses are particularly relevant to students in the Master of Tribunal Studies in Canon Law (M.Tr.S.) or Doctor of Tribunal Studies in Canon Law (D.Tr.S.) online degree programs at the GTF.  The Tribunal Studies in Canon Law degree programs are overseen by GTF professors, The Rev. Dr. John Mulvihill and The Rev. Dr. David Mulvihill.

E-Tutorials Include:

Philosophy of Canon Law
Tribunal and Church Privacy Issues
Tribunal Penal Trials
Tribunals and Liturgical Law
Tribunal Personnel in Matrimonial Trials
Sacramental Theology of Matrimonial Trials
Engagment to Marry and the Tribunal
New Evangelization and the Marriage Tribunal
Legitimate Tribunal Expenses

and many more courses!  Visit the E-Tutorials page to read more about how these courses work and peruse our Tribunal Studies/Canon Law course list.

About the M.Tr.S. degree:

This degree is designed for already practicing volunteer or credentialed chancery and tribunal personnel (lay, religious, ordained, or civil lawyers) who wish to foster self-improvement and motivation in the pursuit of canonical education as an end in itself or in preparation for doctoral studies.

Read more about the online Master of Tribunal Studies in Canon Law.

About the D.Tr.S. degree:

The Doctor of Tribunal Studies in Canon Law is designed for chancery and tribunal personnel who are engaged in advanced study and research in the academic field of canonical studies as reflected in the dynamics of analysis, theory, and application of various dimensions of tribunal doctrine and practice as mandated by the Second Vatican Council, the Code of Canon Law, current papal teaching, and Roman practice.

Read more about the online Doctor of Tribunal Studies in Canon Law.