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Foundation Footnotes: Academic Editing

Students of the Graduate Theological Foundation who are working on a project or a thesis should remember that their work should be free of errors in terms of punctuation, grammar, citations, etcetera. Students often proofread and copyedit their own work or rely on a trusted person to help them. Any GTF students who would like outside help for this process now have an opportunity to benefit from the academic editing services of Dr. Ann-Marie Neale. Having gone through the doctoral thesis process herself to earn the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Michigan State University, Dr. Neale has an intimate understanding of the needs of students when it comes to finalizing and polishing their academic work.

Dr. Neale offers a free consultation for interested clients and has a thorough understanding of the Graduate Theological Foundation’s doctoral thesis review and approval process. (Editing services are provided by Dr. Neale independent of her work at the GTF where she serves as the Karen Horney Professor of Counseling and Psychology.)

One Response to Foundation Footnotes: Academic Editing

  • Dr. Ann V. Graber says:

    Thank you for letting us know that Dr. Neale is making this outside help for academic editing available!