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Foundation Footnotes: A Message from the President: The Year in Review

Photo-Kendra-Clayton-thumbnailDecember 2013 (Vol. LI, Issue #12)

I hope that all of you, whether you are a current GTF student, alumni, faculty member or friend, have had a rewarding and enriching year, a year in which you have seen your personal ministry make a positive impact on your community and our world.  One thing that we all have in common is our shared interest in service and ministry, however we define “ministry” in our own lives.  Many within the GTF community are ordained and in parish settings as priests, ministers, rabbis or imams.  Many others are lay people or educators, counselors or deacons, musicians or administrators.  The GTF community, as wonderfully diverse as it is, has two very important commonalities: our shared belief in the value of our own ministry in the world, and our belief in the ability to improve our current ministry through continuing education.

The administrative staff and Board of the Graduate Theological Foundation are dedicated to the goal of providing our students access to the highest quality educational experiences, tailored to fit each student’s unique needs.  In 2013 we have launched new programs and improved upon already existing programs in an effort to achieve this goal.  We have added new members to our faculty, a faculty of 74, representing a vast array of religious affiliations, nationalities, and areas of academic expertise.  The GTF has continued to grow its Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy, offering graduate degrees in Pastoral Logotherapy at the D.Min., Psy.D. and Ph.D. levels.  We have created an online Tribunal Studies program to complement our on-site Tribunal Studies program (a partnership with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles) for those interested in either the Master of Tribunal Studies or the Doctor of Tribunal Studies degree.  We have expanded our e-tutorial offerings and we continue to offer on-site GTF Institutes for those interested in residential coursework.  And, as we have for the past 20 years, we continue our affiliation with the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education’s Theology Summer School, as well as our affiliation with the Centro Pro Unione in Rome.

Looking back over the work of the GTF community in 2013, I see much to celebrate!  In May of 2013 the GTF had 91 graduating students, students who will use their educational experiences at the GTF to inform and enhance the ministry they are engaged in within their communities.  These 91 graduates join over 2,000 GTF alumni worldwide who believe in their ministry and its ability to make a difference in their community and in turn, to positively impact the greater world community.  As we at the GTF reflect on 2013, we recognize our successes, we acknowledge our room for growth and improvement and we applaud the inspirational students, alumni and faculty with whom we are so fortunate to be able to work.  Thank you for being a part of our community.

5 Responses to Foundation Footnotes: A Message from the President: The Year in Review

  • Jorge R Colon says:

    I am honored to serve as part of the faculty. As I help students achieve their goals in pursuing various courses, I feel the vitality of ministry worldwide. Although I do not necessarily meet my students personally, through e/tutorials and thesis supervision, I feel I become part of their life-story. I am also happy to have such a dedicated staff in administration, and I welcome their initiatives and efforts to make GTF a shining light on the path of ministry and service.

    • Kendra Clayton says:

      Thank you Dr. Colon! Your commitment to academic excellence and dedication to the students with whom you work is invaluable. We are honored to have you as a member of the GTF faculty.

  • Rev. John W.S. Howard,M.Div. says:

    GTF is an outstanding Institution and it has caused me to tap into my inner most self like never before. In addition,this Institution has helped me to identify resources, gifts, and abilities that I have not realized in the past. The Faculty and Staff is truly wonderful. One Faculty member in particular, the great Dr. John H. Morgan a scholar in the highest sense of the word. I am truly proud to say that I am a doctoral student at GTF.

  • Ann V. Graber says:

    I greatly enjoyed reading the President’s warm message: The Year in Review. To second Dr. Jorge Colon’s comment above, I too feel honored to serve on the faculty of GTF, particularly as Professor of Pastoral Logotherapy. As Dr. Clayton stated, the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy is growing and our students discover the value of spiritually based, meaning-oriented Logotherapy for their ministry of pastoral care and counseling. The interaction with students through one-on-one tutorials that GTF offers often leaves a deep and lasting impression. While celebrating the year 2013, I wish to thank my students, colleagues, and administration for making it a successful year.

    • Kyna says:

      Thank you so very much for your service and hard work, Dr. Graber. It’s a pleasure to have your involvement in the life and growth of the GTF with which you have been associated for the past many years. Your constant engagement with the GTF community is appreciated more than you know!