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GTF Faculty Profile: Spirituality and psychotherapy professor, Dr. Ekman Tam

Professor of Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Doctor of Psychology (Graduate Theological Foundation)
Doctor of Philosophy (St. Paul University, Ottawa)
Master of Arts (St. Paul University, Ottawa)
Master of Arts (University of Ottawa)
Bachelor of Theology (Evangel Theological Seminary, Hong Kong)

Founder of the Christian Contemplative Spirituality Institute (a P.R.I.M.E. affiliation of the GTF)

Former Spiritual Director of the Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre (1998-2011)

Registered Counseling Psychologist (Hong Kong Psychological Society)
Clinical Member (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy)

Author of several books in Chinese and two in English:
Christian Contemplation and Chinese Zen-Taoism: A Study of Thomas Merton’s Writings (TFSCC, 2002)
A Psycho-spiritual Approach to Christian Spiritual Direction Based on Satir Model of Therapy (TFSCC, 2007)

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