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Non-Profit to Help Needy in Arizona Founded by GTF Professor Marzia Dawlatzai

Since 2010, GTF professor Dr. Marzia Dawlatzai has been engaged in a unique ministry running a non-profit organization called Samangan Corporation in Tucson, Arizona.  The corporation is named after a province in Afghanistan.  Motivated by a passion to help those in need, Dr. Dawlatzai (a native of Afghanistan) created a subsidiary of her non-profit called Afghan/American  Community Services, or AACS.  She serves as Aisha Bint Abu Bakr Professor of Women’s Studies at the Graduate Theological Foundation.

The goal of her non-profit is to appropriate funds and/or items for other non-profit organizations that will then put them to use in providing services to members of the greater Tucson community who are most in need.  Through her non-profit, she works with other organizations such as the Salvation Army, Pima County One Step Program, and the Tucson Community Food Bank to reach those who need help.  Dr. Dawlatzai also works to reach individuals outside of these organizations who are in urgent need of aid.

The mission of the organization is simple and straightforward, to enhance the dignity and the quality of life of individuals and families by:

  • strengthening communities
  • eliminating barriers to opportunities
  • helping people in need through empowerment, education, and unity

This mission is supported by the organization’s dedication to treating people with dignity and embracing the work of continuous improvement, bold creativity, and change by making referrals to community outreach programs in Arizona.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree from Kabul University in her native Afghanistan, she later immigrated to the U.S. with her family.  Living her life with a strong focus on community, both local and global, Dr. Dawlatzai has been engaged in giving back to Arizonans, Afghans and others over the past many years.

She holds the Bachelor of Theology, Master of Theology, and Doctor of Philosophy from the Graduate Theological Foundation with a focus on women in Islam and education.   As a professor with the GTF, she serves as a Project Consultant, Thesis Supervisor, and On-Site Tutorial faculty.

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