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D.Min. Student Ansel Augustine on Ministry-Focused GTF Institute

Ministry professional, Mr. Ansel Augustine, is a current student in the Doctor of Ministry program.  In this video interview, he reflects on his experience during the June 2014 Residential Institute (“The Practice of Ministry in a Changing World”) at the Graduate Theological Foundation. Mr. Augustine is Director of the Office of Black Catholic Ministries in the Archdiocese of New Orleans. (Watch more videos on our YouTube channel!)

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Here at GTF, the education is convenient, it’s, it works with my schedule, it’s flexible, but I do get the content I need to be a better minister, a better servant to the people I want to serve. And that’s when I fell in love with the program when my pastor, Father Michael Jacques, who just passed away, pointed me to come to the program. You know, it just all, I feel the calling that God put on his heart to point me here, and it’s just been so beneficial, so convenient, and just the knowledge, the resources I’ve had have been excellent. And I look forward to sharing that resource and that experience with other people and pointing them to GTF as well. The Institute — answering — “After the Call,” that I’m in right now is just awesome. Dr. Morgan [GTF faculty moderator] is awesome; like I said, I feel like I’m sitting at the foot of an elder and just gaining all kinds of knowledge just being there and just listening to him speak. Sharing my papers, sharing my own personal experience in relation to the material he asked us to read is just putting a relevancy on the material that’s there and making it relevant to my experience. And so it’s not just me regurgitating, you know, what I’ve read, but putting my own insight, my own experience, and it’s powerful being in a session with people of so many different faiths, and it’s a non-judgmental, safe place for me to be a Black Catholic. And even though they might not understand it, I’m able to share my experience in an open environment where there is sense of understanding, and I’m learning about other faiths as well, because that is how God is communicating to each of us in his own special way. And, so, it’s an awesome experience. I can’t say enough how GTF is helping me out, and inspiring me and motivating me to be a better minister and servant to my community.