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Foundation Footnotes: Foundation Theology 2014 Now Online

Foundation TheologyWe are pleased to announce the release of Foundation Theology 2014, a special 30th anniversary edition of this monograph series published by the Graduate Theological Foundation. This issue marks the first joint collection of faculty and student essays in the same volume. Also a first for this year, we have posted the entire volume of Foundation Theology 2014 online. Edited by The Very Revd John Moses, Dean Emeritus of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, and John Macquarrie Professor of Anglican Theology at the GTF, this volume includes essays from eight GTF faculty members and seven GTF students. Addressing a wide range of topics, this collection of articles demonstrates the breadth and depth of the scholarship of our faculty and students, and we are happy to be able to share it online with the wider GTF community, friends and affiliates.

Read the Foundation Theology 2014 volume online.

Call for Papers: Faculty and students interested in submitting a scholarly article to be considered for inclusion in the 2015 volume of Foundation Theology should submit by April 15. More information about the Foundation Theology monograph series, including a PDF containing article guidelines, may be found on the GTF website. Articles must follow the guidelines in order to be considered for the 2015 volume.