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Footnotes: Transformational Leadership Specialization Introduced

Dr. Susan Fowler

Dr. Susan Fowler

Transformational Leadership is a new specialization for the Doctor of Ministry program which is designed for professionals in leadership positions who are interested in the opportunity to cultivate their inner lives, to take time apart for spiritual deepening, to build transformational leadership skills and to consider practical application of what leadership arising from a core of spiritual groundedness might look like.

The Director of this program, The Rev. Dr. Susan Fowler, states that, “All of us are called to be transformational leaders. This new Doctor of Ministry degree in Transformational Leadership prepares leaders to discover the spiritual roots of their call to leadership, to acquire knowledge and skills to practice values-based leadership, and to work collaboratively with others to effect enduring transformation in personal, communal and global realms.”

This D.Min. specialization is interdisciplinary in nature, combining the principles of liberating education with an action-reflection model of praxis that is experiential, reflective, and adaptive. The program consists of 36 credits earned through completion of 10 courses and an Exit Project or Non-Project Option.

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4 Responses to Footnotes: Transformational Leadership Specialization Introduced

  • Raenell Jones says:

    Can I receive more info on the Transformational Leadership Specialization? Admissions info would be helpful. Thank you. Ms. Jones

  • Lincoln Sigwald says:

    I can’t believe the GTF is offering this degree! I am so excited. When I earned the Ed.D. from the GTF, this was the precise program that I was attempting to put together. Now, it’s all there waiting for me….and with Dr. Susan Fowler as director. I couldn’t think of a better combination: an outstanding, relevant program in transformational leadership; an incredible program director; a learning community second to none—the GTF!

    I am giving serious consideration to enrolling! Very serious consideration, indeed.

    Lincoln Sigwald ’14

    • GTF says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, Dr. Sigwald! We’re quite enthusiastic about the potential of this degree to be attractive to professionals in various areas of service, and we’re happy to know of your interest as well. Returning students are always welcome! Dr. Fowler is an outstanding leader and instructor, and we’re encouraged to find that there is already a real interest in this degree being expressed by our readers and followers (and alumni!)