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Footnotes: Featured Student Jacintha Penney

Featured Student Jacintha PenneyThe Rev. Jacintha Penney is a current student at the Graduate Theological Foundation where she brings her years of experience and education in serving faith communities and working in healthcare ethics to bear on her work in the Doctor of Psychology program. She has attended several Residential Institutes at the GTF, earning credits toward her degree. Rev. Penney currently serves as a manager of Pastoral Care and Ethics for Eastern Health in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, where she takes an ecumenical approach to pastoral/spiritual care activities, grief and bereavement counseling, and facilitation of healthcare-related ethics programming. Prior to joining Eastern Health in 2006, she served as parish clergy, university chaplain, and a Canadian Armed Forces Reserve chaplain.

Rev. Penney holds a B.A. in English and French from Memorial University (Newfoundland), a Master of Theological Studies (Honours) from Queen’s College (Newfoundland), and a Master of Health Science in Bioethics (University of Toronto). Her professional path has led her to serve a stint in Ireland with the Canadian International Development Agency, seek ordination in the Anglican Church of Canada, and join Eastern Health.

About her educational experience at the GTF, she says this: “Completing my Doctor of Psychology degree from the Graduate Theological Foundation has prepared me for my next career escapade. I have thoroughly enjoyed the E-Tutorials as well as the Residential Institutes. The professors have been knowledgeable, challenging, and supportive. Moreover, communicating with the administrative staff has been a pleasure! Receiving timely responses to my questions was key since I was planning my program from another country while still continuing to work full time. I highly recommend the Graduate Theological Foundation to prospective students.”

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