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Footnotes: Student and Alumni News

Student and Alumni News DezelicMarie Dezelic (Ph.D. 2014) recently published a workbook entitled, Meaning-Centered Therapy Workbook: Based on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy & Existential Analysis. Designed as a clinician’s manual, the workbook contains structured exercises and handouts along with a comprehensive guide to understanding the theory and therapy of Logotherapy & Existential Analysis. “Conceptual Pictographs” are included to address key concepts as well as hands-on techniques for clinicians to use in therapeutic settings. Dr. Dezelic’s workbook is available from Amazon.

Kristoph Franz Dobrowolski (Ph.D. [cand.]) has recently recorded a new album of music entitled, “Lilies of the Field.” From the description, this album is a “gorgeous presentation of Sacred Scriptures set to an enchanting musical canvas that invites the listener on a personal contemplative journey to deep surrender and rest in God.” Samples from the album may be heard on his website and downloaded from iTunes. Two of his other albums, “For the Love of the Wind” and “Calm” are also available on the website. Chaplain Dobrowolski is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Sanctum Retreat in Alberta, Canada. He most recently attended the June 2015 GTF Institute on “Examining Approaches in Pastoral Nurture.”

Wiley Hughes (Psy.D. [cand.]) recently published a book entitled, Focus: How to Focus…Being Clear About What You Want out of Life and Being Able to Achieve It! From the description: “This book is about focus, the key ingredient to being successful. It will not tell you what to focus on. Instead, it will help you discover what success means to you and how to focus on that which you need to experience joy and fulfillment.” Read more about this book and his other books on Amazon. Pastor Hughes recently attended the June 2015 GTF Institute on “Examining Approaches in Pastoral Nurture.”

Joseph Thannickal (Ph.D. 2006) recently hosted a nine-episode television series, “Christian Living: A Gifted Journey,” which began airing in April of this year. The series, produced by Shalom World in Kolkata, India, blends Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy with Catholic Spirituality. Episodes may be viewed online at the Shalom World website.