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Footnotes: Professor Discusses the GTF

Dr. Jeremiah Murasso recently spent some time at the Graduate Theological Foundation, and he sat down with us to discuss the topic of pastoral logotherapy, the E-Tutorial model of education at the GTF, and his experiences studying in Oxford. Dr. Murasso is Robert C. Leslie Professor of Pastoral Logotherapy at the GTF and teaches in the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy.

Watch Dr. Murasso’s video on Pastoral Logotherapy here.

In this video below, Dr. Murasso discusses the Graduate Theological Foundation’s E-Tutorial model of education based on the Oxford tutorial.

And in this video, Dr. Murasso shares his experiences attending the Oxford Theology Summer School.

Learn more about the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy, the variety of E-Tutorials offered by GTF faculty, and the upcoming Oxford Theology Summer School on “Christian Spirituality and the Human Vocation.”