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Footnotes: New Course and Book in Clinical Psychotherapy

new course and book in clinical psychotherapyA member of our faculty, Dr. John H. Morgan, has recently released a new book entitled, Clinical Psychotherapy: A History of Theory and Practice from Sigmund Freud to Aaron Beck. This new title provides biographical summaries of 16 figures in the field of psychotherapy and explores the school of thought that each founded, from Sigmund Freud’s “Psychoanalysis,” to Melanie Klein’s “Psychoanalytic Child Psychotherapy,” to Aaron Beck’s “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” and beyond, spanning approximately 150 years. Dr. Morgan also provides a bibliography at the end of each chapter including a biography of the figure along with a list of primary sources. Clinical Psychotherapy is available for purchase from the GTF.

His new E-Tutorial, “Modern Schools of Psychotherapy,” uses this new book as the main required reading. This course is highly suited to professionals working in the field of psychotherapy or related areas such as pastoral counseling, chaplaincy, or in a parish setting as clergy. Students are welcome to enroll now on this new course. Visit our E-Tutorial page to read about this study option.

Other new E-Tutorials by Dr. John H. Morgan include “Moral Judgement and Emotional Development in the Child” and “Clinical Pastoral Psychology.”

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