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Footnotes: Logotherapy Practicum 2016

From July 18-22 next year, we will offer a Logotherapy Practicum on site at the Graduate Theological Foundation in Mishawaka, Indiana. Moderating the practicum will be The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Murasso, Diplomate in Logotherapy (Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy), and both the Robert C. Leslie Professor of Pastoral Logotherapy here at the GTF and our liaison with the Viktor Frankl Institute in Vienna, Austria. This five-day 24-26 hour practicum will be praxis-oriented and will explore the psycho-spiritual approach of logotherapy, including curative and palliative care, with a focus on the application of Viktor Frankl’s principles of Logotherapy in a variety of therapeutic environments.

We welcome students to attend this practicum if they are enrolled in any logotherapy program or in the Doctor of Psychology program or the Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Psychology programs.