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Footnotes: GTF Alumnus Earns Noetic Care and Counseling Credential

GTF AlumnusTwo-time GTF alumnus, Timothy St. Onge (Psy.D. 2015, Ph.D. 2010) has recently become the first alumnus to earn the credential of Academic Associate in Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy with Specialization in Noetic Care and Counseling from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy (USA). Dr. St. Onge earned this credential through a newly-established agreement with the VFIL for GTF course credit in our Pastoral Logotherapy I, Pastoral Logotherapy II, and Pastoral Logotherapy III courses to be accepted for transfer credit. Membership in the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy is required to obtain the new credential of Academic Associate in Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy with specialization in Noetic Care and Counseling. Dr. St. Onge and other students who have both completed the core curriculum in Pastoral Logotherapy at the GTF and earned the Academic Associate credential from the VFIL will be eligible to pursue an Academic Diplomate credential at the VFIL. Professional membership in the VFIL will be a requirement.

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