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Pilgrim Shell 2016The Rev. Dr. John Mulvihill, Gratian Professor of Canon Law, took pilgrims to Israel in April 2016.  They were invited to the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem where they were greeted by Bishop Shomali.  Father Mulvihill is the second from the left in the photo.  Later, Father Mulvihill, who is a Canon of the Holy Sepulchre, celebrated the Divine Liturgy inside the Holy Sepulchre at the tomb of the Risen Christ.  The next day, the pilgrims visited the site of Magdala, the city of Mary Magdalen.  In November 2008, Father Mulvihill was present at Magdala for the start of the excavation of the only first century synagogue discovered in Galilee.  He was invited to do archaeological digging at the site in November 2008 and recently in April 2016.  He was amazed not only at the discovery of the synagogue, but that a good part of Magdala town on the shore of the Sea of Galilee was also discovered.  The pilgrims returned to Jerusalem after ten days of visiting the Bible sites.  In Jerusalem, the Franciscan Major Superior awarded Father Mulvihill the gold “Cross of the Holy Land,” a papal award for service to religion.


The Rev. Fr. Jorge R. Colón León Fellow and François-Xavier Durrwell, C.Ss.R., Professor of Theology recently delivered an address at the Eighth International Encounter on the Sociology of Religion in Havana Cuba, July 12-15, 2016.  The theme of his address is as follows:

Dr. Colon in Havana“No religion is violent, no religion kills people in God’s name. All religions have erred, in the past, by promoting war, especially “Holy” wars. But it is individuals, according to their background and circumstances, who kill other people. Violence is in the heart, before it is expressed externally. We must fight our demons inside, and combat violent ways, by committing ourselves to peaceful coexistence and mutual respect.”

Pictured in the photo are Dr. Pablo Montes, a Ph. D. graduate from Interamerican University in Puerto Rico, Dr. Ileane Hodge, president of the CIPS (Center for Psychological and Social Research) in Havana, and Rev. Dr. Jorge Colon.




Rev. Dr. Paul KirbasThe Rev Dr. Paul Kirbas is Paul Tillich Professor of Theology and Culture, senior pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church and founder of the Kirbas Institute. The Kirbas Institute exists to build bridges of understanding, cooperation, respect and acceptance among diverse faith communities and between faith communities and the global marketplace of ideas, especially those related to science and biotechnologies.  Beginning in September the Kirbas Institute will be presenting a new series, The Exchange:  Where Faith and Science Meet.  View the promo for this upcoming series.