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Dr Juana WatsonJuana O.Watson, Ed.D., Professor of Latino Affairs, has recently created two new e-tutorials.

The Role of Culture & Poverty in the Classroom

Description:  This E-Tutorial uses instructional research practices that can lead students of poverty and diverse cultures to success.

E-Tutorial Goals: To develop an important collection of research and instructional strategies to aid in understanding and implementing programs regarding the culture of poverty that encompasses the key intersections of people in poverty with those who serve them.

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Strategies to Build Resilient Students in Minority Communities

Description:  This E-tutorial explores the concept of academic resilience by examining the context of research through the perspectives of high achieving minority authors as well as specific programs and initiatives.
E-Tutorial Goal:  To develop a comprehensive and multidimensional process that will help us identify key components of academic resilience and ways to encourage initiatives to bolster educational quality for students in multicultural schools.
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