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Rev’d Dr. Andrew Linzey, Henry Bergh Professor of Animal Ethics, has recently published two new books. The Ethical Case against Animal Experiments and Animal Ethics for Veterinarians.    

The Ethical Case Against Animal Experiments

“At a time when the necessity for animal experimentation has been called more and more into doubt, the Linzeys show how deep-seated research paradigms, institutional inertia, and money from the biomedical industry can persuade an esteemed university like Oxford to press on with practices that to any dispassionate observer must seem barbaric. Their analysis is backed up by an impressive set of essays by philosophers, lawyers, and scientists.” — J. M. Coetzee, Nobel Laureate for Literature

“Essential reading. A comprehensive ethical analysis of animal experiments. Bound to become a classic.” — Sir David Madden, Senior Member, St Antony’s College, Oxford

At present, human beings worldwide are using an estimated 115.3 million animals in experiments ”a normalization of the unthinkable on an immense scale. In terms of harm, pain, suffering, and death, animal experiments constitute one of the major moral issues of our time. Given today’s deeper understanding of animal sentience, we must afford animals a special moral consideration that precludes their use in experiments. The Ethical Case against Animal Experiments  begins with a groundbreaking and comprehensive ethical critique of the practice of animal experiments by the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. A second section offers original writings that engage with, and elaborate on, aspects of the Oxford Centre report. The essayists explore historical, philosophical, and personal perspectives that range from animal experiments in classical times to the place of necessity in animal research to one researcher’s painful journey from researcher to opponent.   A devastating look at a contemporary moral crisis,  The Ethical Case against Animal Experiments  melds logic to compassion to mount a powerful challenge to human cruelty.

University of Illinois Press | 224pp | 9780252082856 | paperback | £23.99 / $29.95

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Animal Ethics for Veterinarians

Veterinarians serve on the front lines working to prevent animal suffering and abuse. For centuries, their compassion and expertise have improved the quality of life and death for animals in their care. However, modern interest in animal rights has led more and more people to ask questions about the ethical considerations that lie behind common veterinary practices.   This Common Threads volume, drawn from articles originally published in the  Journal of Animal Ethics  (JAE), offers veterinarians and other interested readers a primer on key issues in the field. Essays in the first section discuss aspects of veterinary oaths, how advances in animal cognition science factor into current ethical debates, and the rise of complementary and alternative veterinary medicine and its relationship to traditional veterinary medicine. The second section continues with an essay that addresses why veterinarians have an obligation to educate animal caregivers to look past “cuteness” in order to treat all animals with dignity. The collection closes with three short sections focusing on animals in farming, trade, and research areas where veterinarians encounter conflicts between their job and their duty to advocate and care for animals.   Contributors: Judith Benz-Schwarzburg, Vanessa Carli Bones, Grace Clement, Simon Coghlan, Priscilla N. Cohn, Mark J. Estren, Elisa Galgut, Eleonora Gullone, Matthew C. Halteman, Andrew Knight, Drew Leder, Andrew Linzey, Clair Linzey, Kay Peggs, Megan Schommer, Clifford Warwick, and James W. Yeates.

University of Illinois Press | Common Threads | 222pp | 9780252083198 | paperback | £21.99 /$28.00

Available in the US from: 


Andrew Linzey is Henry Bergh Professor of Animal Ethics. He is a member of the Faculty of Theology in the University of Oxford, and Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. He is also Honorary Research Fellow of St Stephen’s House, University of Oxford; Honorary Professor at the University of Winchester, England, and Special Professor at Saint Xavier University, Chicago. Professor Linzey has written more than 100 articles, and authored or edited twenty books on theology and ethics, including: Animal Theology (1994); Animals on the Agenda: Questions about Animals for Theology and Ethics (1998); Animal Gospel: Christian Faith as If Animals Mattered (1999); Animal Rites: Liturgies of Animal Care (1999); Gays and the Future of Anglicanism (2005); Animal Rights: A Historical Anthology (2004); Animals and Christianity: A Book of Readings (2007); Why Animal Suffering Matters (2009), and The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence (2009).

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