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Naked God, StrudwickThe most recent publication by The Revd Canon Vincent Strudwick, GTF Fellow and Bishop John Tinsley Professor of Anglican Theology, has been reviewed by Rev. Dr. Paul Kirbas, Paul Tillich Professor of Theology and Culture at the GTF.

The Naked God: Wrestling for a Grace-Ful Humanity

In recent years, many writers have undertaken the effort to offer a vision of the future of the Church. It seems that we all realize that the past is indeed the past, and that there is a need for a re-invention of the Church for this generation and beyond. But few have rooted their thesis for these needed changes in the fertile ground of theology, history, and personal experience as deeply as we find in the new book The Naked God: Wrestling for a Grace-Ful Humanity. Written by Vincent Strudwick, in collaboration with Jane Shaw, this is a wonderful and refreshing look at what it means to be the Church in the world today.

 Like a master builder, the author starts this construction with attention to the foundation, particularly found in the major historical periods of the Church. Showing how the Incarnational sense of the Word was transformed into “Frozen Assets” of Church doctrine and dogma, the author invites us to see how each period of the church tended to clothe God, but just as clothing styles come and go, so do these efforts. Underneath it all is the naked God, who must be free to connect with the world as it is today.

Understanding the environment of the world today is also well presented in this book. Here too, the foundation is established, showing how our current world did not arrive in a vacuum, but has evolved through an historical process. But it would be wrong to assume that this book is one about history. Quite the contrary, it presents a bold and spirited vision that illuminates the way in which the Church can be a vehicle for God’s incarnational spirit to flow through a new sense of the human community. This vision is truly inspirational, but one that also lives out the title of the chapter, “Toward a Very Odd Church Indeed.”!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Naked God, and highly recommend it for personal reading, for leadership groups in local churches, and in seminary classes. This is an exciting vision of what the Church could be, and it is my hope that it will catch on like wildfire!



Dr. Andrew Linzey Henry Bergh Professor of Animal Ethics at the GTF, has been reappointed Visiting Professor of Animal Theology at the University of Winchester. More than 20 volumes have appeared in the Animal Ethics book series published by Palgrave Macmillan, of which he is the general editor — the latest of which is Abbey Smith’s The Ground of Being: Animals in Tillich’s Philosophical Theology.

His book Animal Theology has been published in six languages, the latest of which is in Croatian.

He has edited three books that will all come out in 2017: Animal Ethics for Veterinarians, and the Ethical Case against Animal Experiments, both published by the University of Illinois Press. And also The Handbook of Practical Animal Ethics coming out with Palgrave Macmillan. All three are edited with his daughter Clair, who is also a theologian.





Qur'anic Comfort and Healing in Contemporary Times

Muhammad Hatim, Imam Warith Deen Muhammad Professor of African American Muslim Studiesat the GTF, has recently published a new book entitled, Qur’anic Comfort and Healing in Contemporary Times: Unfolding the Joy of Al-Islam.   Following is a brief summary of this new publication.

By Imam Muhammad Hatim, PhD, DMin, CADC

This book is a companion to my earlier work Caregiving to Muslims: A Guide to Chaplains, Counselors, Healthcare and Social Workers (Caregiving to Muslims). Caregiving to Muslims provides clinicians with material on the fundamentals of Al-Islam and explores theories in pastoral care, psychology, the Muslim family, and the spiritual roots of terrorism.  Also, I included five case studies based upon Paul Pruyser’s diagnostic variables. The cases represent actual interventions by Muslim and Christian clinicians.

Qur’anic Comfort and Healing in Contemporary Times: Unfolding the Joy of Al-Islam (Qur’anic Comfort and Healing) is unique because it offers selected Qur’anic verses to address specific spiritual and emotional challenges to the human spirit.  The book can serve as a resource for lifting the spirit, addressing feeling of guilt and shame, and help the Muslim patient or client to find spiritual peace and tranquility.

Qur’anic Comfort and Healing also explores verses for individuals challenged with substance use and mental health disorders.  It provides direction to those looking for spiritual wellbeing, processing various levels of grief, and desiring to reinforce their spiritual foundation. The book is a gift to those persons with a general interest in religious and spiritual resources; those who respect all religious traditions and who want to add to their universal perspective.

Chapters include verses which can help a person find closeness to Allah (swt); verses on prayers of petition, adoration, or comfort; the joy of giving and receiving; peace of mind and tranquility from terrorism, substance abuse and mental health challenges; and hope and preparation for the Hereafter.

I offer you Qur’anic Comfort and Healing. My prayer is that clinician, believer, and seeker of truth may be filled and prosper.


Disaster and Trauma Institute

Dr. Ann-Marie Neale has recently been published in the book, Hearth to Heart: Sparks and Flavors of Meaningful Living, edited by Maria and Edward Marshall.

“Hearth to Heart employs a meaning-centered intervention to explore historical sources of meaning in a two-fold way: (1) what we received from life and (2) what we give to life. Eleven logotherapists contributed a short description of their experiences with their loved ones who gifted them with a meaningful legacy they cherish and chose to share. The narratives describe the values which their loved ones demonstrated and which continue to be inspirational. The accounts are accompanied by family recipes which aid the recollection of the significant lived experiences”

Ann-Marie Neale is Karen Horney Professor of Counseling and Psychology at the GTF and is an accredited member of the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna.