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Dr. Ekman Tam, Professor Emeritus of Spirituality and Psychotherapy

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Dr. Ekman Tam, Professor Emeritus of Spirituality and Psychotherapy and President Emeritus of the Christian Contemplative Spirituality Institute, speaking during the 2014 GTF Graduation Ceremony.


Dr. Ekman Tam

Dr. Ekman Tam


We at the GTF are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Ekman Tam, Professor Emeritus of Spirituality and Psychotherapy and President Emeritus of the Christian Contemplative Spirituality Institute.  His loss is felt deeply by all who knew him.   Following is a brief biography of Dr. Tam.


Ekman P. C. Tam was Professor of Spirituality and Psychotherapy.  His first degree in theology (B.Th.) was earned at Evangel Theological Seminary in Hong Kong.  Upon graduation from the seminary, he ministered at a church for about five years, after which he left Hong Kong for Ottawa, Canada, for further studies in psychology where he earned a B.A.  He continued his studies in Ottawa at the University of Ottawa for an M.A. in Individual Counseling and at St. Paul University for an M.A. and Ph.D. in Spirituality.  After returning to Hong Kong in 1998, Dr. Tam worked full time at Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre as Spiritual Director until the end of 2011, where he founded a formation program in Christian Spiritual Direction.  He was appointed an Affiliate Faculty member of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong (since 2000). In 2006, he earned a Psy.D. from the Graduate Theological Foundation. In August 2012, together with a group of spiritual directors, Dr. Tam established the Christian Contemplative Spirituality Institute which offers formation programs to pastoral care-givers in Vancouver, Sydney, and Hong Kong.  He was the President of the Institute.


Dr. Tam was a registered Counseling Psychologist of the Hong Kong Psychological Society and a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He published five books in Chinese, two books in English, and numerous articles and chapters in English and Chinese journals and books. The two English books are: Christian Contemplation and Chinese Zen-Taoism: A Study of Thomas Merton’s Writings and A Psycho-spiritual Approach to Christian Spiritual Direction Based on Satir Model of Therapy.





3 Responses to Dr. Ekman Tam, Professor Emeritus of Spirituality and Psychotherapy

  • Zoila says:

    Ekman P. C. Tam – pioneer and teacher.. will miss you.. the world feels a bit more stark.. thank you for all you have been to us, for opening our eyes and our hearts.. rest in peace..

    As part of the Spiritual Direction Program in Tao Fong Shan Christian Center from 2002-2004 it was our privilege, under a special program for Filipino Counselors, to study under Ekman. It was life changing for me and I shall never forget him.

  • Mee On, Tong says:

    I first knew you through your books. Then signed up for the spiritual formation and spiritual direction programme at Tao Fong Shan. You have opened a brand new arena for me through which I get to know and experience God in a totally different way, and has benefitted me tremendously. I owe this enlightenment to you. You have gone home to be with our Lord but I will continue to be mentored by you through your writings.

  • Thelma Nambu says:

    While in the middle of a discernment process about further studies, I met Ekman Tam through David Benner. After a silent retreat with David and Juliet Benner in the Philippines, I asked where I could get training on leading silent retreats, and he told me to contact Ekman. Lo and behold, Ekman and his family were planning to visit the Philippines at the time. “If there are at least 7 of you interested, I could perhaps open up the training for your group,” he said. There were 15 of us who signed up, and to-date we all continue to walk the path of contemplation in our respective ministry involvements. We all feel the sadness of his death, but are grateful for the important part Ekman has had on our journeys. Thank you, Ekman.