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Vincent Strudwick Lecture 2016 at OxfordThe Revd Canon Dr. Vincent Strudwick, Fellow and Bishop John Tinsley Professor of Anglican Theology, has recently published a new book, “The Naked God:  Wrestling for a Grace-Ful Humanity.”

“The Naked God grew, in part, out of the discussions had over four years with a group of people who responded to a notice Vincent Strudwick placed in his local parish newsletter in rural Buckinghamshire in 2010. It was an invitation to wrestle with God by which he meant teasing out the joys and sorrows of what it means to be human. The book reflects on those conversations with people who had lost faith, never had it, were angered or disappointed in the experience of church, or were just in search of spiritual meaning. It aims to speak into a context in which the majority of the population is estranged from belief as taught by the Church, and yet they still wish to wrestle with the ultimate questions.”

The book is available on amazon.


Dr. C. Anthony Hunt

Baltimore Pastor C. Anthony Hunt, GTF Fellow and E. Franklin Frazier Professor of African American Studies, lifts up Martin Luther King, Jr.’s powerful vision of the Beloved Community, calling on individuals and churches to continue to promote peace with justice. He provides ten suggestions for heightening our commitment to community building and social engagement.

“We can continue to pursue Dr. King’s vision of the Beloved Community by making a sincere commitment to community-building and social engagement.”

Read Dr. Hunt’s article.


Dr. John H. Morgan

Dr. John H. Morgan, Karl Mannheim Professor of the History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences, has recently published a book entitled, Geriatric Psychotherapy: Essays in Clinical Practice and Counseling Psychology.   It is  a companion to Dr. Morgan’s previous publication, Clinical Psychotherapy: A History of Theory and Practice, which followed the first book in the trilogy,  Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy.

Dr. Morgan has created an e-tutorial based on his most recent publication, Geriatric Psychotherapy:  The Pastoral Care and Nurture of the Elderly