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We would like to welcome Dr. Janice L. Lundy as Visiting Professor of Spiritual Direction. She is an educator, author, retreat leader and spiritual director with an interfaith/interspiritual focus in private practice in Michigan. She holds a DMin in Spiritual Direction from the Graduate Theological Foundation. She is the co-founder and lead teacher of The Spiritual Guidance Training Institute, a forward thinking organization that provides education and certification in interfaith and interspiritual direction (and PRIME partner of The Graduate Theological Foundation).

Dr. Lundy is the author of several books and is currently offering the e-tutorial, Interspirituality: A Growing Movement in Today’s Spiritual Landscape.


To read Dr. Lundy’s full bio, please visit our website.



Randy L. Scraper is the Joseph Fabry Professor of Pastoral Logotherapy for the Graduate Center for Pastoral Logotherapy at the GTF and has just recently added four e-tutorials to his current course offerings.  (listed below)  Dr. Scraper is a graduate of Baker University, 1971, Bachelor of Music Education degree. His graduate work includes a Master of Arts in Theology degree from Oral Roberts University, 1978; a Master of Divinity degree from St. Paul’s School of Theology, 1980; a Doctor of Ministry degree from Oral Roberts University, 1984 and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Graduate Theological Foundation, 2008. He has done additional graduate work at Asbury Theological Seminary. Dr. Scraper is an accredited member of the International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the Viktor Frankl Institute in Vienna, Austria. In the Fall of 1968, Dr. Scraper entered Baker University to discover that the entire curriculum had been designed after Dr. Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning. He can still remember leaving the first lecture Dr. Frankl delivered and saying to himself, “This makes more sense than almost anything I have ever heard. I am going to keep track of this guy and see what he has to say.” Little did he know that this commitment would result in a life-long fascination with Dr. Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy and Logo philosophy.  To read Dr. Scraper’s full bio, please visit our website.

Dr. Scraper’s new e-tutorial offerings:


Alumni News

Gaza Angel, Dr. Taylor Basker

An example of Dr. Basker’s work, Gaza Angel

GTF alumna, Dr. Jacqueline Taylor Basker (Ph.D., 2005),Visiting Adjunct Professor,German-Jordan University, Amman, Jordan, recently held an art exhibit at the Bandak Gallery, under the patronage of Dr. Yusef Ashawarbeh, Mayor of Amman.  This exhibit is entitled, “ENDANGERED: LAND, PEOPLE, HERITAGE,” and the exhibit deals with the current crisis facing Jordan and the region.  Dr. Jacqueline Taylor Basker has been living and working in Jordan for ten years.  Initially a professor at NYIT and chair of the Dept. of Fine Arts and Computer Graphics, she began teaching at German-Jordan University, School of Built Environment and Architecture after NYIT left Jordan in 2013.

Her paintings address what she learned and experienced in Jordan.  Dr. Jacqui, as she called by her students, was dedicated to documenting the struggle of the Palestinians, the horrors of the Gaza wars, and the tragedy of the Mavi Marmara Flotilla.

She rode a peace bus to Gaza during the 2014 war organized by “Breaking the Silence” – former IDF soldiers opposed to the Gaza wars, traveling with the noted Palestinian Sheik of Peace, Ibraham al Halwa. She has painted many works of art about Gaza.

She spent much time exploring Jordan, climbing through ruins and monuments and observed the potential loss of heritage due to neglect, vandalism, or lack of funds to preserve sites.  She has painted several ruins from desert castles to dolmens.

2 Responses to Faculty and Alumni News

  • The Revd Canon Dr Vincent Strudwick says:

    As Dr Jacqui’s Ordinarius during her time with GTF, I have followed her career and passionate dedicated work for Justice and Peace with admiration and awe. !

    This communication from GTF has arrived at my computer on Michaelmas Day, and Dr Jacqui’s ‘Gaza Angel’ is filling my thoughts and prayers.
    The great Anglican divine Richard Hooker speaks of prayer as a process of communication with God on a sort of Jacob’s ladder, with our hopes ascending, and his Grace descending. Her painting is a prayer.
    Thank you Dr Jacqui.