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Deadline Reminder for Students Planning to Graduate

Students planning to graduate in 2016 should be reminded of three important deadlines they must meet in order to graduate:

FEBRUARY 1 (All academic requirements must be fulfilled.)

MARCH 1 (All financial requirements must be fulfilled.)

APRIL 1 (All student presentations must be submitted for the Day of Convocation on May 5, 2016.)

A schedule for the Day of Convocation may be found here (link opens PDF) with further details on the student presentations here (link opens PDF).

For clarification on your degree requirements, please consult your degree description in the Student Handbook corresponding to the year in which you were accepted as a GTF student. Our Student Handbooks from 2010-2015 may be accessed as PDF documents from our “Request Information” page. Student Handbooks published prior to 2010 were made available to students in hard copy format.