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FOOTNOTES: On Leadership, interview with Dr. Susan Fowler

GTF faculty Fowler“Transformational Servant Leadership” is the theme of a GTF Residential Institute to be offered this June in Connecticut by The Rev. Dr. Susan Fowler, Dorothy Day Professor of Spirituality at the GTF. By attending and completing this Institute, students… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy, a new field

psychotherapyInterview with Dr. John H. Morgan about Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy

Dr. John Morgan is the Karl Mannheim Professor of the History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences at the Graduate Theological Foundation.

What is Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy?

Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy… Continue reading

Foundation Footnotes: Residential Institute and 2015 Graduation

In a recent video interview, student Rev. Wiley Hughes shared his thoughts with us on his experience in the September 2014 Residential Institute on “Pastoral Options in a Fractured World.”

Attend our upcoming Residential Institute and fulfill your remaining academic… Continue reading

All But Dissertation: Interview with Robert Norris

All But Dissertation Status and Why Student Rev. Robert Norris Chose the GTF to Finish his Ph.D.

Learn more about the GTF’s special “All But Dissertation” Doctor of Philosophy Degree Completion Program.


Robert Norris, I’m a Catholic priest… Continue reading

Psy.D. Student Pauline Anaya on Spiritual Development

Spiritual development was a motivation for current Doctor of Psychology student, Ms. Pauline Anaya, to come to the Graduate Theological Foundation where she wants to deepen her knowledge and skills.  She recently attended the June 2014 Residential Institute at… Continue reading