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Graduation 2018

Deadlines for eligibility for the 2018 Graduation Ceremony are coming up.

February 1st – All academic work must be completed

March 1st – All financial obligations must have been met

If you have any questions about these deadlines,… Continue reading

Faculty News

Dr. John H. Morgan

Dr. John H. Morgan

Dr. John H. Morgan, Karl Mannheim Professor of the History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences and Director of Doctoral Programs in Clinical Psychotherapy, is offering a new e-tutorial entitled, Clinical Psychopathology and Personality… Continue reading

New Students

Applicants who signed the privacy statement on their application form and were subsequently accepted to the GTF are excluded from lists of newly accepted students released each month.

Mr. Wilmer Altamirano Cubas has entered the Master of Theology degree program.… Continue reading

Faculty News


Dr. Tim Allen, Gerhard von Rad Professor of Biblical Studies

Welcome Back to Tim Allen, Gerhard von Rad Professor of Biblical Studies.  Dr. Allen took a brief hiatus from his work with the GTF but we are very… Continue reading