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Canon Law and Tribunal Studies Online Courses

The Rev. Dr. John Mulvihill in Rome.

The Rev. Dr. John Mulvihill in Rome.

Tribunal Studies and Canon Law courses are offered as E-Tutorials for our online Master of Tribunal Studies in Canon Law and Doctor of Tribunal Studies in Canon Law academic degrees. This online program of study is directed by The Rev. Dr. John Mulvihill, Gratian Professor of Canon Law at the GTF and Adjutant Judicial Vicar of the Illinois Ecclesiastical Court of Appeals (2006 to date). These online master’s degree is designed for practicing volunteer or credentialed chancery and tribunal personnel (lay, religious, ordained, or civil lawyers) while the online doctoral degree is designed for chancery and tribunal personnel who are engaged in advanced study and research in the academic field of canonical studies.

Students may take a wide selection of E-Tutorials which include this small sampling of courses below.

  • Tribunal Personnel in Matrimonial Trials
  • Sacramental Theology of Matrimonial Trials
  • History of Institutions of Canon Law
  • Philosophy of Canon Law
  • Theology of Canon Law
  • New Theological Unification Theory: Science and Art Together
  • The Future of the Code of Canon Law
  • Tribunals for Religious Order Controversies
  • Vatican Library: Faster and Easier Search Results
  • Tribunal and Church Privacy Issues
  • Tribunal Penal Trials
  • Tribunals and Liturgical Law

To view the entire list of E-Tutorials offered in Tribunal Studies and Canon Law, please visit our E-Tutorial list. (E-Tutorials are 10 weeks in length, with six weeks spent completing required readings and weekly papers and four final weeks spent producing a final paper. Read more about E-Tutorials.)

Students pursuing a degree in Tribunal Studies in Canon Law may wish to utilize the Graduate Theological Foundation’s online Research Library. With hundreds of mostly open access resources, students may benefit from sections such as Theology and Religious Studies as well as Canon Law. When writing papers, students are encouraged to consult the list of Recommended Writing Guides.